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Darien handsom prince of the Earth who is destined to be with Beautifull princess of the Moon-Serena!

But they were not allowed to see or be with each other. When the evil Negaverse came to attack the Moon Kingdom Prince Darien came to save the day (and beautifull Serena.)

But it was not to be and Queen Serenity (Serena's Mother) used the last of her powers to save her people. Any way they all wound up on Earth in the future, where they meet up,become friends.

When Darien and Serena first met on Earth they couldn't stand each other! But the longer Darien (Tuxedo Mask) saved Serena (Sailor Moon), the more attached they grew to each other. Moon Light Night was alot more Romantic than Tuxedo Mask and all the Scouts had at least a semi crush on him.But Darien still didn't remember Serena :( This really got on my nerves ): However in what I think is the nost Romantic episode Darien and Serena were taken prisoner,and Darien laid down his life for Serena and remembered everything. "Oh Darien do you Remember??" "Yes my sweet I remember everything."

In the future Darien and Serena get Married and have a child but as the future falls into danger the child (Reene) comes to the past to retrieve the Silver Millenium Crystal. She developes a fond relationship with her young father while her teen mother Serena and her fight like cat's and dogs. On top of all this another evil force comes and the leader gives Darien visions telling him to break up with Serena because he would bring danger to her. Of coarse he doesn't tell her about the dreams leaving her to wonder why.!!. Amy and Greg met when first psycic Greg saved Amy's life. He was already in love with her before then but was always to shy to talk to her. Later though after she saved his life they finally confessed their love for each other.(no pictures at this time-sorry)

Rei and Darien dated in the earlier episodes but nothing serious

Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, And Andrew? Oh yes that wonderfully handsome arcade manager with a girlfriend too old for him. They both had crushes on him.

Luna and Artemis two cats one destiny not half as complicated as Darien and Serena but just as wonderful